Pedestrian and Traffic Data 

 Measured with intelligent sensors, designed for the complete protection  of privacy. Because sustainably successful projects do not start the with data,but with data protection! 

Frequency Data  for OOH & Smart Cities.

Your Partner for projects  that  should not fail because  of  data  protection regulations  or and of acceptance! Highly precise  & completely anonymous - thanks to „Privacy by Design" measurment technology.

Innovative Blindsensors

A transparent way of managing the topic of data protection.

Proactively anticipate all safety concerns! Blindsensors perceive the environment in the form of an unrecognizable pixel cloud. With the help of AI algorithms, this allows an exact statement about anonymous situation data, but identities cannot be revealed due to the construction design!

This simplifies communication, increases acceptance and saves a lot of time and nerves when it comes to data protection!

Deeper insights into what information is collectable and more importantly, what is not, can be found here..

About the Sensor.
Hohe Flexibilität

Blindsensorsin Action

Leave classic (smart-)cameras, radar or mobile phone data behind - blind sensors are the future! Whether as a temporary measurement or permanently installed: With our new sensor you can collect highly precise data...

at entrances & in open spaces
with exact space & time classification.
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About us

The industry proudly exclaims, "We can track anything!" - We think: A completely outdated way of thinking, which increasingly scares off parts of the population instead of inspiring them! Many companies, cities & communes have therefore realized that a sustainable handling of data is needed.

For this reason, we have developed a measurement technology that already technically only allows access to anonymous information and therefore does not collect anything that has to be protected, deleted or justified in an effortful manner.

Because in the end, the best way to protect sensitive data is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Do you share this opinion? Then we are looking for you!

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